Axis Eins by The Molecular Ballet

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Axis Eins by The Molecular Ballet


“Axis Eins”. 2010/2017. 20 x 30 cm glicee print on 320g aquarel paper. Edition of 10.

Numbered and signed “^O^” (The Molecular Ballet) on the back side, along with the mantric text of Axis 1.

“The world of natural numbers is so rich that, given any pattern involving objects of any type, a set of numbers can be found that is isomorphic to it. In other words there are numbers that will perfectly mirror the objects and their pattern, numbers that will dance in just the way the objects in the pattern dance. Dancing the same dance is the key.”

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The Molecular Ballet + Elementa

In collaboration with art group ^O^ / The Molecular Ballet, Elementa are offering a selection of limited edition art art works from their Molecular Series. The project is based on a set of 256 "image seeds", called Axes collected anonymously from artists, designers, architects and others - with the aim to develop a a new symbolic language.

Axis Eins

Having emerged from the very first of the 256 Image Seeds, Axis Eins is the Mystical Head of the Molecular Ballet, existing as it were in the realm where the second dimension meets the third.

Footage from the short film “Culture Is An Operating System” (2013)

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