Unreserved Dedication by The Molecular Ballet

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Unreserved Dedication.jpg

Unreserved Dedication by The Molecular Ballet


“Unreserved Dedication”. 2010/2017. 20 x 30 cm glicee print on 320g aquarel paper. Edition of 10.

Numbered and signed “^O^” (The Molecular Ballet) on the back side, along with the mantric text of Axis 130.

“From now on you need never await temporal attestation to your thought. You think the truth. You do not have the right to eliminate yourself. You do not belong to you. You belong to Universe. Your significance will remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume that you are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself to converting your experience to the highest advantage of others.”

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The Molecular Ballet + Elementa

In collaboration with art group ^O^ / The Molecular Ballet, Elementa are offering a selection of limited edition art art works from their Molecular Series. The project is based on a set of 256 "image seeds", called Axes collected anonymously from artists, designers, architects and others - with the aim to develop a a new symbolic language.


Axis 130 - The Unreserved Dedication

Axis 130 is about the definite saying yes to a great task, and the formal promise to be made to ones deepest soul - and to the universe.

The mantric text is from architecture Buckminster Fuller, who at one point - having tried everything to succeed - decided to dedicate all his effort as a scientist, architect and inventor to serve mankind. This changed everything for Bucky - who from that point transformed his life totally and went on to become one of the founding fathers of the sustainable movement and an inspiration for generations of architects.

Footage from short film Axis Coryphee (2014)


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