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KI Light by Hallgeir Homstvedt

The Ki is a minimalist interior lamp doubling as a plant light that will keep your plants happy during winter and in less enlightened corners of the house.

The tiltable shade is magnetic, allowing for easy and elegant height adjustment.  Made with plants in mind, the Ki also works as a standalone table lamp. The full spectre LED light that stimulates photosynthesis, is also comfortable for human eyes, making the lamp an excellent task light for the desk too.

Designed by Hallgeir Homstvedt for Elementa, the Ki is available with a cast iron base or a spear that you can plunge directly into the soil of a flowerpot, using the planter itself as a base for the lamp. As the light is reflected by the leaves of the plants, the division between plant and the lamp is blurred, producing a new type of object: a plant-light .

Lamp shade options:
• Black
• Forest Green
• Earth Red

Base options:
• Black cast iron base
• Black iron spear for flowerpot

Expected delivery from March 2019

Please refer to the latest Elementa pricelist for prices and further technical details

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KI light uten plante.gif