The Elementa INN project: A Book of patterns

Patterns are everywhere - in nature and in culture - and the reason we can recognize them is that they are inside us too. Patterns can make use feel at home in the world and help us sense that we are made of the same stuff as stars, plants and ants.

The INN Book of Patterns is an upcoming series of collaborations between invited artists, designers and scientists, Studio ^O^ and Elementa. The aim is to explore the world of patterns to produce an evolving toolkit of contemporary decorative designs for interior architecture and interior design

Kicked off during Milan Design Week in 2019 with Isodream, a pattern concept by Space Popular, INN is set to launch in 2020 with several new collaborations and applications.

”A pattern has an integrity independent of the medium by virtue of which you have received the information that it exists. Each of the chemical elements is a pattern integrity. Each individual is a pattern integrity. The pattern integrity of the human individual is evolutionary and not static”.
- Buckminster Fuller