The Elementa UT project - bringing life into work

Elementa UT is an initiative that aims to explore imaginative ways of working and living with plants through design. We humans are incredibly adaptable to environments that are less-than-optimal for our wellbeing. Desktop computing as we know it is a phenomenon that is both at the core of conceived value production in our society - and deeply problematic for the health of our human organism. While the obvious solution is to actually get away and into the jungle (or the mountain or the sea) - the UT project is about transforming the workspace through the incorporation of plants and life. First out is Norwegian designer and homie Hallgeir Homstvedt, who is also part of the collective at Prindseloftet which also houses the Elementa  crew.

KI light
The unending winter season can be pretty dark in Scandinavia, and a lot of plants will be happy to get some extra light whether in the office or at home. KI light is a lamp that can be plunged directly into the soil of any plant in need of extra light. There is also a table version with a marble base to place your sun-deprived plants on.

Hallgeir Homstvedt says “the KI light project started with a desire to introduce more greenery in the work environment.” Research shows that the right combination of light and plants has significant health benefits, both physically and psychologically. "When setting out to design a lamp for plants, it was important to design a lamp that would not compete for attention, but rather complement or blend with the plants' inherent beauty."

The KI light draws inspiration from flowers, trees and fungi, with their slender stem and large canopy. Another important feature is the lamp's ability to “grow” with the plant. The aluminium shade can be easily adjusted in height and angle through a unique magnetic solution. With KI light we wanted to offer an alternative to existing solutions, with a more playful approach to design and use.

UT desking
Hallgeir Homstvedt is also behind a recasting of the classical Elementa U1 desk, which is really an archetype of a moden desk - now with a shelf dedicated to plants. Originally designed for an exhibition piece to accommodate the KI light, the UT desk will be available as a single desk, or  a shared workstation solution for 2 or 4 workers - and with endless extension possibilities for both humans and plants. Elementa will also propose a height adjustable version with T-legs should you wish to be able to both sit and stand with your plants.
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The UT desk is available for orders and is available in plywood with linoleum or laminate in various colours. The metal base is either white, light grey or anthracite. 

Elementa UT desk 150x85 with anthracite metal legs. Tabletop and shelf in plywood with Forbo Desktop linoleum.

Elementa UT desk 150x85 with anthracite metal legs. Tabletop and shelf in plywood with Forbo Desktop linoleum.