Klorofyll Planter System by Anderssen & Voll

The Klorofyll Planter System is designed to provide a complete toolkit for interior design with plants. With a mix of both conventional sized flowerpots and a series of large scale planters supported by metal stands, the system makes it possible to build rich interior landscapes of greenery, dilluting the strict boundaries of chair, table and shelf. 

Conceived in natural or grey terracotta, the planters will add warmth and natural texture to any interior - and is equally fit for outdoor use, in gardens and terraces. The add-on tables invite to interact with the plants and makes it easier to integrate the planters with other furniture . The  espalier that caters for climbing plants makes for a living dividing wall.

Klorofyll is designed by celebrated Norwegian design practice Anderssen & Voll. The system is part of the Elementa UT range of products and art objects exploring the interfaces between nature and interior architecture.

Expected delivery from May 2019

Please refer to the latest Elementa pricelist for prices and further technical details.