uN Divided Furniture system by StokkeAustad

Today’s workspace is less about bulky storage and complex cable management – and more about agility and lightness.

Designed by StokkeAustad, the UN Divided furniture system grew out of a quest for unbounded spatial flexibility. The core of the idea is the trestle base, which – in all its simplicity opens a world of possibilities.

The trestle folds out and by combining the angulation and amount of trestles, you can accommodate almost any table size and shape. It also folds in, and stacks away very nicely.

Tabletops are made in 25 mm MDF board with straight, lacquered edges. The corners are rounded with a radius of 15 mm.

Choose between the following tabletop alternatives:
• White HPL with white lacquered MDF edge
• Black linoleum with black lacquered MDF edge
• Natural Oak veneer with oak edge
• Black oak veneer with black lacquered edge

Flexible trestle frame in powder lacquered metal with movable joint.

Choose between the following base colours:
• White
• Black

Please refer to the latest Elementa pricelist for prices and further technical details.