Elementa at Oslo Design Fair 28-31January 2016

Elementa is participating in the freshly overhauled Oslo Design Fair through the 100% Norway Exhibition, which was originally shown in London in September, 2015.

Along with some of the very finest contemporary Norwegian design, Elementa is showing products and prototypes designed by StokkeAustad and Hallgeir Homstvedt, including the dB Silent Cabinets, the UN Divided Table, the UT Garden Table and KI light.

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The Elementa UT project - bringing life into work

Write hElementa UT is an initiative that aims to explore imaginative ways of working and living with plants through design. We humans are incredibly adaptable to environments that are less-than-optimal for our wellbeing. Desktop computing as we know it is a phenomenon that is both at the core of conceived value production in our society - and deeply problematic for the health of our human organism. While the obvious solution is to actually get away and into the jungle (or the mountain or the sea) - the UT project is about transforming the workspace through the incorporation of plants and life.ere...

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