Kneip: Stack One thing on Another and Dip it in an Unknown Solution

While it has been suggested that era of the object is behind us, Norwegian art- and design studio Kneip are infusing their objects with meaning, beauty and a real sense of wonder.

Find below an account of our recent conversation with Stian of Kneip on their work, object culture and on natural corrosion.

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Prang Lerttaweewit & Paulo Barcelos on bits, bots and atoms

In occasion of the opening of the Elementa studio space we recently had the chance to chat with Stockholm-based designers Prang Lerttaweewit and Paulo Barcelos - who have co-created the magical 31T concept. 

Prang studied as an experience designer at Konstfack and runs Another New Design Studio and has been approaching themes like food, caring for elders and funerary practices in fresh ways.

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Trude Myhre of WWF on the Tragedy of the Old Norwegian Forests

The notion of wood as the ultimate sustainable material has been a major part of the narrative of the Scandinavian Design movement. Obviously, in reality it is a complex matter - and the opionions are varied, depending on who you ask.

The Elementa blog have recently had the exciting pleasure to chat with scientist and activist Trude Myhre of WWF, whose daily work is to fight for the preservation of the unique old-growth forests in Norway - many of which are seriously threatened.

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